Volunteer Programs,Travel and Work in India

Volunteer Projects India

Make a Start and Do Your Part To Lead Change

Have you considered doing short term or long volunteer work in India when you have time at hand? Or, do you wish to take a break from the routine of daily life and make a fresh new start to foster change? Are you passionate about playing a part in the field of education, health and wildlife and environment conservation?

Do you want to break away from your comfort zone and be the change you want to see in the world?

You can make a start! We have an invaluable part that you can play to lead change in a world strife with stark disparity. It must be very heartbreaking to stand back and watch people die every day due to the lack of medical facilities, children suffering without proper nutrition and a country’s progress coming to a standstill because of social tribulations. It must be equally shattering to see the planet die a slow death with acute deforestation and rapid extinctions of various species of flora and fauna.

But, what’s even more demoralizing is simply standing back and watching out of sheer helplessness.

Do you know that you can make a change? And, do you know that you can contribute to the planet and the people of India by serving as a volunteer in India?

How Can You Contribute By Volunteering in India?

The Green Lion India conducts a variety of meaningful, safe and affordable volunteer travel programs in India. Our comprehensive volunteer projects in India give people, who desire to contribute their time and effort to stir positive change in the world, a platform to do their part for the planet and its people.

The volunteer projects in India we conduct include:

  • Volunteer Teaching India
    We conduct volunteer teaching projects in India to educate people with the desire to break free from the chasms of poverty with education as their powerful weapon. Our teaching program extends to people of all ages with the willingness to learn. We also conduct special teaching programs for kindergarten kids and primary school level children. Would you like to be remembered as an influential educator?
  • Wildlife Projects India
    Quite a number of wild flora and fauna species are on the verge of extinction owing to the depletion of their natural habitat. You can play your part in the protection of the precious wildlife of India and prevent them from being wiped off from the face of the planet by participating in the wildlife volunteering program in India
  • Orphanage Volunteering India
    There are quite a number of orphanages doing their duty to care for the abandoned young ones of India. If little children make your heart melt, you can give back a hundred fold to them by making a precious contribution to their life with nothing more than your invaluable presence.
  • Conservation Projects India
    Conserving the planet is the need of the hour and you can contribute in your own special way by being a conservation volunteer in India. There are a number of ways in which you can help us protect the planet.

You do not need any qualification or experience to become a volunteer. If you have the will to serve and the desire to lead change, no one can stop you. Come be a part of this experience and make a valuable difference.