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Volunteer Programs India

Impact Lives, Influence Minds… Make a Change

Does the unbalanced distribution of good fortune across the people of the planet bother you?

Does your heart crumble when you see pictures of little children struggling for a daily meal in one corner of the world, while children on the other side are blessed with good homes and well to do families?

Do your eyes swell with tears when you witness the stark poverty at one extreme of the world as compared to the wealth of riches that flow everywhere else?

Do you want to lead the path of change? Do you want to influence minds? Do you want to help foster the change you want to make in this world? And, do you want to leave a footprint behind and impact the lives of many significantly?

Come be part of the Volunteer India program!

Impact lives with every good deed…..influence minds with your productive actions…..make a change by contributing your bit to the world.

At Volunteer India, we bring to you a number of volunteer opportunities and volunteer programs in India and we invite individuals, groups, friends, students, couples and families to make a contribution to the culturally diverse land of India. We provide you with timely updates about upcoming volunteer projects so that you have enough time to make a decision to be a part of our volunteer programs in India and foster change.

Volunteer Programs in India

India is a developing South Asian country. If you take a comprehensive tour of this entire subcontinent, you will witness the stark and heartbreaking differences between the advanced urban areas of the country and the backward rural regions. While the urban areas, though few in number, have access to medical and educational facilities, the rural population still struggles to progress from one day to the next. Besides the rural population, our volunteer programs also focus on the other untoward facets of the country, where help and assistance is the need of the hour.

Our volunteer programs in India include:

  • Volunteer Teaching
  • Orphanage Volunteering
  • Old Age Volunteering
  • Environmental Volunteering
  • Kindergarten Volunteering
  • Women’s Shelter Volunteering
  • Medical Volunteering
  • Computer Education Volunteering

You may opt for any of the above volunteer projects in India that interest you. We give you a chance to make a change in the lives of little children by educating them for a better tomorrow, contribute to the senior citizens who have been abandoned by their children with even just a smile, help ill-fated women find their ground in life, help the sick battle ailments and diseases and make the planet a cleaner, greener and healthier place to live in.

The Power to Make a Change Comes From Within

Everybody desires to foster change; however, very few follow their desire to do so. When you volunteer, you not only give a valuable part of your time and effort to a great cause; but you also take back with you a lot of love, good wishes and an invaluable experience to cherish for a lifetime.

By contributing to the progress of a developing nation with your volunteer work in India, you leave a footprint of your good work behind; a contribution which will be immortalized in time.