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India is a land of diversity. People belonging to various religions, diverse communities and countless cultures reside together in this developing nation. India paints a contrasting picture of two sides to the same coin. While the urban metropolises in India are well developed with easy access to basic amenities, medical facilities and educational institutions, certain social malignancies are still prevalent in the country.

The rural regions on India, on the other hand, find their people struggling to meet their daily basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. Not only is a majority of the Indian population poverty stricken, but a large number of Indian children are malnourished and have no access to medical and educational facilities.

Despite the social problems prevalent in India, the country enjoys a rich resource of wildlife; however, the environment and the animals in the wild need constant care and attention for the progress of the country.

The many facets of this nation present a number of volunteer opportunities in India to those who want to lead change. Would your organization like to partner with us and recruit volunteers for our Volunteer India program?

We welcome voluntary help and assistance of any kind and we would greatly appreciate your gesture of contributing your valuable volunteers to the various volunteer projects in India.

Programs Your Volunteers Can Be Part Of

The Volunteer India program caters to many causes where help is the need of the hour. Based on the preferences of the volunteers you recruit and their past experiences, they may choose to contribute their invaluable time and effort to any of our volunteer programs mentioned below.

Volunteer Teaching, Kindergarten Volunteering and Computer Education Volunteering programs help volunteers make a contribution to the field of education in India. By opting for the

Orphanage Volunteering program, volunteers are given a chance to mingle with the ill-fated children abandoned by their parents as infants. As a volunteer, one can contribute to the orphans by helping them learn to read and write, regulating their daily meals, making playtime arrangements for them and influencing them to go ahead in life and lead change.

The Old Age Volunteering program caters to elderly citizens by assisting them with their day to day activities and the Women’s Shelter Volunteering uplifts the weaker sex by helping them find meaning in life after enduring suffering. The Medical Volunteering program allows volunteers a chance to contribute to the healthcare system of the country and the Environmental Volunteering program helps volunteers play their part for a greener earth.

Benefits Your Volunteers Will Enjoy

When your organization partners with The Green Lion India volunteer organization, it is not only the meek and mild of the country who benefit from our association with you. Your volunteers, too, take back an invaluable experience with them by exploring the culturally diverse land of India and contributing to the progress of the country simultaneously.

Besides the good wishes and love that your volunteers will take back with them, they will also experience the following benefits.

  • Get acquainted with a new culture by closely connecting with its people.
  • In a service-minded environment, newer ideas will pave way to make a change and contribute the world and its people.
  • The valuable trait of leadership is instilled with a program such as this.
  • By working in a community, volunteers develop team spirit, compassion and a sensitive attitude towards the less fortunate.
  • Volunteering provides a fresher perspective to life.

Our comprehensive volunteer programs in India will give your recruited volunteers a special experience which they will carry with them for life. Would you like to partner with us to foster change?