Volunteer Programs,Travel and Work in India

The Green Lion India Agents

Our sending agents are there to provide pre-departure support to the participants and help them with all procedures and formalities (visas, preparation, travel arrangements in some cases, etc…).

We form the point of contact once the participants reach their destination and we provide all the services included in the selected program package. We are available 24 hrs/365 days at all times.

10 Reasons to work with us...

1. Years of Experience

We combine several years of experience in many different parts of the world with competent management and an efficient operation to give participants a hasslefree, reliable and secure travel experience.

2. Supporting Local Communities

All our projects support the local communities we work with. In addition to sending volunteers to much needed projects, we also assist in long term development and in some cases also fund local initiatives.

3. Constant Innovation

Our team of well travelled managers are always creating fresh new programs which will benefit participants and locals alike.

4. Helping you Win

By partnering with us, we offer a wide range of activities which you could choose from, helping your clients who are in turn our clients, we actually help your organization win, creating a win-win situation for all.

5. Flexibility

Our online booking system allows flexibility to choose from a wide range of programs and countries, your clients can compose their own program in a single country or country hop as they wish. In addition, we also organise custom made programs to suit your needs.


6. Secure, Responsible & Reliable

Our Managers and coordinators are always on hand to help. We also regularly assess our programs - identifying and minimizing potential risks, as well as evaluating the overall benefits for all concerned. We have minimum quality standards in place for every program.

We also have a 24-hour emergency back up in all our countries and can contact a team member in any emergency.

7. Value for Money

Your money goes a long way with us. Our prices are highly competitive, providing great value for the services offered, it does not fluctuate with exchange rates and stays constant throughout the year.

8. Boosting Local Economy

We help boost local economy in all the countries we work with by employing regional staff and encouraging local businesses in the areas where we operate.

9. Standardization of Programs

We have our own quality standards and risk assessments for all our programs. Programs across various locations are standardized.

10. Making the World a Better Place

We believe that our programs create value and are more than just about having fun. Of course we enjoy what we do, but we also feel that while helping people achieve their goals, we help expand their minds, taking another step forward in making the world a better place.