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Green Lion India Testimonials


Samantha Rivera

I had a wonderful experience in India. My eyes were opened to a beautiful culture. I enjoyed teaching English at the school and opportunity to try the special needs school. The past 5 weeks was truly the best experience of my life.


Shannon Murphy

Overall, my trip to India has been a life changing experience, by embracing a culture very different from my own. The primary school needs volunteers because the English level is low and I’m glad I was able to help. I was also lucky enough to visit the boys and girls orphanages. The children taught me so much about myself and they showed me what pure happiness is and I am going to miss them very much. I could not be more happy to have chosen this program and will not hesitate to recommend it to friends.

Max Jean

This experience was amazing. I was feeling so useful at the orphanage, they are so happy to play and just simple with us.

Lara WislerIt

It was perfect. All very well organized. I learnt a lot about the culture. Stay is very friendly and fun. Just adorable.


Natasha Brand

Everything was brilliant, we learnt about the culture and surrounding whilst having fun.

Lovely, friendly and kind.

Mathalide Elvestad

I think it was very good with the information meeting. It was very useful and interesting.

Hannah Stockley

I really enjoyed all of them. It’s great to experience some of the Indian culture.Excellent! Very friendly and helpful.


Kate Thomas

All ran smoothly and gave a good understanding of the Indian culture.Coordinator (Stacy) was great and friendly with lot of knowledge to share.