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10 Things to do in India


1) Have a taste of heritage in Agra

            Agra is the city of the Taj Mahal, but this is not the only historic artefact inside the city. Agra is also the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri, and there are several buildings and tombs still standing from the days of glory where Agra served as the capital for the Mughal Empire. Note that there is a levy fee each day for viewing these historic sites, and understand that the Taj Mahal was built as a monument of love, bringing it above a mere matter of architecture!

2) View the temples in Varanasi

            Varanasi is not known for its tourist destinations, but is known for the experience of watching the spectacle of life and death on the river and roaming the various alleyways of the old city. Notably, there are several temples that you may have a chance of entering and admiring, such as the Vishwanath Temple, Kaal Bhairav Temple, and the Sankat Mochan Temple, which is known for being the home of over a thousand monkeys. Varanasi is famous for its fine silk, so perhaps buy a scarf for a friend while you’re there!

3) Volunteer with an organization

            While India is strongly becoming a powerful economic and academic force in the world, there are several areas of India stricken with poverty and have a need for assistance in several formats. Through an organization, you can find yourself assisting the local populace in categories such as schooling, sanitation, construction, environmentalism, and language studies. Volunteering is an excellent way to make friends, do a good deed, and have fun while you’re at.

4) Sweat in the desert of the Golden City

            Located near the border of Pakistan, Jaisalmer is a city known as the Golden City. Its main attraction is a fort known as the ‘Sonar Kila’, due to the yellow stone it was built out of, however this city also has a strong tourist industry in desert safaris, be it with camels or jeeps. This city is an excellent option for relaxing and enjoying the seven Jain Temples inside the fort’s walls.

5) Witness the birth of the Kama Sutra

            With well over two dozen temples, the small town of Khajuraho is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is rumoured to be the birthplace of the Kama Sutra, where several temples boast several erotic statues and rock carvings. However, Khajuraho also has the Vindhya mountain range as a backdrop, so sight-seeing is also an option when visiting. Take into consideration that the Chattarbhuj Temple is the only temple in this town to not have some form of erotic sculptures.

6) Admire the Terracotta Temples in Bishnupur

            In West Bengal, there is a town known as Bishnupur. Known as a temple town, it contains well over 10 different temples, are made of terracotta. Bishnupur is also known for their handcrafted Bankura Horses, Baluchari Saris, and conch shell beads. It is a wonderful location to discover the wonders of terracotta crafting, as well as immersing yourself in Indian culture and religion.

7) Take it easy in Pondicherry

            An old French colony, Pondicherry is a very laidback area of India and there is not much an individual can be expected to do in the city besides relaxing and taking a breather from the stresses of your life. There are a couple beaches, gardens, churches, parks, museums, and temples that can be explored and experienced if you so desire, but the main destination choice is the Auroville, where you can do some heavy self-reflecting or meditation.

8) Explore Sangla Valley

            Although Sangla is located in the Baspa Valley, people refer to it as the Sangla Valley. It is located near the Tibetan border, and the valley itself is surrounded by richly forested mountain slopes, and also offers an amazing view of the high mountains. It is an excellent destination for anyone seeking a perspective where they can look around and see mountains towering around them. There is some potential for camping if you desire it.

9) Swim at the beaches of Goa

            Goa is an old Portuguese colony on the western coast of India, now fully merged with the Indian government. Goa has nearly 70km of unbroken beaches, allowing it to have an impressive number of beach-goers. Many people claim Goa to be one of the safest regions in India, and you can likely find people that share your origins if you are a foreign tourist, as a large portion of the population is Hindu, Roman Catholic, or Muslim. There are 14 main beaches, many with nearby attractions if you grow bored of the waves.

10) Roam the safaris of Sundarbans

            The Sundarbans is a large mangrove forest spread across the nations of Bangladesh and India, touted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Labelled as the largest littoral mangrove belt in the world, the Sundarbans also includes some of the last mighty jungles that once dotted the Gangetic plains. Royal Bengal Tigers, Saltwater Crocodiles, King Cobras, and other various species are the prime viewing candidates as you’re in the safari. There are over 120 species of fish and over 260 species of birds in the Sundarbans.